Is Smart Carpet the Next Must-Have Home Innovation?

By: Sam Robinson

It appears that smart carpet is the next technology for the home, and it has some surprising health benefits.

Aladdin may have enjoyed a magic carpet ride, but inventors have gone to the next level, with smart carpet. Yes, our homes already have smart fridges, televisions, vacuum cleaners – and now your carpet is about to get smart.

Tech expert Geoff Quattromani from the Technology Uncorked podcast explained the benefits of this tech.

“We’re looking at research from MIT in Boston, where they have developed carpet that has pressure sensors built all the way through it,” Geoff said.

“So, effectively, it can tell you whether you’ve walked from one side of the carpet to another. It knows what you’re up to on the carpet at any time.”

Geoff also shared that smart carpet can assist in daily exercise, such as counting push-ups.

Smart carpet can assist in daily exercise such as counting push-ups.

When asked whether a standard fitness tracker can achieve these tasks, Geoff said that smart carpet provides further health benefits, especially for the elderly.

“If you’re looking after somebody, or you’ve got parents who are getting older and they’re wanting to do independent living – a lot of people look to gadgets to try and track their grandparents or parents to ensure they got up in the morning and they’re still mobile,” he said.

“But in this sense, with carpet, it takes all of that technology away and hides it. You will know just looking at your phone, connecting to your parents’ smart carpet. That peace of mind can be very beneficial.

“But it’s also got the other part, where it can detect if somebody has fallen. Again, if they haven’t moved after a certain period of time, it could potentially initiate an emergency call.”

Article supplied with thanks to Hope Media.

Feature image: Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

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