Too Good to Waste: How the Circular Economy Is Reshaping Consumption

a pile of lego pieces

By: Michael McQueen

Within a society driven by capitalist aims – efficiency, accumulation, profits – the endless innovation of new products is a worthy practice. Keeping consumers keen for new products is key, and so the clever marketing, regular new releases and planned obsolescence begin. After all, why would a customer buy a new product if they are satisfied with what they have? Continue reading “Too Good to Waste: How the Circular Economy Is Reshaping Consumption”

Rejecting Busy | Living in Rhythm

coffee in a mug

By: Sabrina Peters

As a culture we tend to glorify busyness, productivity, expansion and increase, no matter the cost. We celebrate the go-getters, the super-achievers, who are always hustling, bustling, kicking goals, making money and juggling a million hats at once. They run on coffee and never even seem to sleep. Ambition is what gets them up in the morning and adrenaline is what keeps them up at night. Continue reading “Rejecting Busy | Living in Rhythm”