Salt – Important to Every System in our Bodies

close up picture of salt shaker on a table

By: Elizabeth Connolly

Salt or Sodium (yes it’s the same thing) is a mineral. Our body contains around 250g of it, which makes up 0.4% of our body weight (so maybe a bit more salt in my body). It is an Electrolyte like Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. Salt is important to every system in our bodies, from your blood to your nerves and even your digestive system. Continue reading “Salt – Important to Every System in our Bodies”

Aussies Are Earning Less and Living at Home Longer

Working at cafe

By: McCrindle

Australia’s population is experiencing unprecedented growth, now sitting at a population of 25.4 million. Some of the implications of this population growth are seen in this latest data release from HILDA. It reveals that Australians are experiencing greater stresses due to flat wages growth and increasing house prices.
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Melbournians Willing To Trade In Their Latte Lifestyle

Man drinking coffee outside church in Melbourne

By: McCrindle

Voted the world’s most livable city for seven of the last eight years, it is little surprise that Melbourne remains the fastest growing city. Yet the cost of living, pace of life, traffic and travel times in Melbourne have become such a challenge that more than half of Melbournians (55%) have considered moving out of Melbourne, a new study commissioned by CLARA shows.
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Chopped Mixed Salad with Almonds


By: Susan Joy

This is a quick and simple salad that the whole family will love. Just substitute any of the salad vegetables with your family’s favourites. I’ve made the dressing with almond butter for a creamy consistency and added chopped almonds to the salad for some crunch. Chopping the salad makes it easy to serve and a great choice to take to a BBQ or on a picnic. For a nut-free version, use sunflower butter or tahini in the dressing and add seeds to the salad instead of almonds. Continue reading “Chopped Mixed Salad with Almonds”