God Works Through Small Acts: Harrison’s Story

By: yesHEis

Harrison, a worship leader and an avid coffee drinker, enjoys his morning time with God at his local coffee shop.

The frequency and intentionality of starting his day reading his Bible impacted Harrison’s local barista, and opened the door to conversations about God and faith. He shared his story with us.

Harrison: “We interact with others everyday, not really even knowing who this other person is. They bag your groceries, they make your coffee. When you see somebody on a regular basis, and you are intentional with the frequency, you have the opportunity to use that frequency to be able to open a door to share the gospel with them.

This happened with me.

I get up early for my job, so I decided I would get up even earlier and spend more time with Jesus at my local coffee shop.

Instead of just waiting for my coffee, and going back to my table, I used the time connecting with the lady who made my coffee. And over the next few months we became close friends because we had that frequency there.

It opened up a few conversations just casually. You know, nothing weird or forced, but I would ask questions like; “What does faith look like for you?”, “Hey, do you go to church?”, or, “Do you love Jesus? You know, is this something that you’re interested in?”

“Over time she’s now going to church herself and is really into her spiritual life.”

A few times I would get the answer of; “Yeah, I have questions about that. I’m not really sure, you know, where to go, what to think.” And so that opened up a chance for me. I was like, “OK, they’re not like a die-hard atheist. So we have already a good advantage, right?”

Over time she’s now going to church herself and is really into her spiritual life.

And she sends me a text one day and she goes;

“Hey, I just want to let you know, like, you’ve really been a big part of why I have pursued Jesus and why I have wanted to love the Lord… seeing you in that coffee shop with your Bible and devotional and your journal or whatever, so consistently led me to desire this greater.”

I saw God work in my consistency and It was this moment that I didn’t even know the Spirit was working in. Time has moved on from that, I’ve gotten so many more opportunities to talk to her about faith and to interact with her and be a part of her spiritual life.

There are times you are put into a prime situation where you get to show the love of Jesus to people. And it’s one that you don’t have to try to get, it’s part of your everyday routine. That experience has opened my eyes to being aware of those situations and just realizing, God works through those small acts.

Article supplied with thanks to The Journey by yesHEis.

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