Resilience Amidst the Pandemic

By: McCrindle

Despite the challenges that 2020 has presented, Australians are finding the silver lining and displaying the strength of the Aussie spirit that we are so proud of.

According to our third phase of research exploring the impacts of COVID-19, almost nine in ten Australians (87%) agree that even though 2020 has presented unprecedented challenges they have found themselves to be resilient amidst the circumstances. An insight into why so many Australians may be able to agree with this statement is that a similar proportion look for the good and what they can learn in any situation (89%).

The fighting spirit of Australians is also shown in that more than four in five (83%) believe that 2020 has been tough, but they know they will be stronger because of this experience. For more than half of Australians (57%), 2020 has been the most difficult year of their life.

Older Australians more resilient than young Australians

It is no secret that younger Australians have felt the brunt of the pandemic economically and socially, being more likely to see the long-term negative impacts in their lives both financially and mentally. Despite the realities of their experience, it is possible that a difference in mindset and perspective also impacts the sense of resilience across the generations.

Older Australians are currently showing a higher level of self-identified resilience, being more likely to agree they have found themselves to be resilient under the circumstances (98% Builders, 88% Baby Boomers, 90% Gen X cf. 84% Gen Y, 77% Gen Z).

To gain further insight into why this might be the case, it is worth noting the difference in perspective of older and younger Australians.

Acknowledging the reality of the circumstances has helped Australians get through 2020

The top five strategies Australians have applied to help them respond to the challenges of 2020 are:

1. Acknowledging the reality of the circumstances
2. Knowing they had to look after themselves and making time to do it
3. Keeping in perspective that even in the uncertain times they know that the dark days would pass
4. Investing into relationships and the people close to them
5. Proactively making changes and decisions to help them get through

As we look to the future the life advice from Australians to the next generation is to accept the situation and stay positive. Always keeping in perspective that someone else is likely worse off than you and that this too shall pass.

‘Staying positive under any circumstances is the key! No matter what happens, one should know that “this too shall pass”. ‘

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Article supplied with thanks to McCrindle.

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