Archbishop Makarios Griniezakis Speaks Out Regarding NSW’s New Abortion Bill

By: Archbishop Makarios Griniezakis

Just weeks after arriving in Australia, His Eminence Archbishop Makarios Griniezakis Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia has issued a Statement regarding NSW’s radical new abortion Bill.

Beloved Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

It is with much heartfelt pain that we have learnt that a Bill allowing abortion until birth will swiftly, unexpectedly and with no public consultation be introduced into the New South Wales Parliament this week.

Specifically, this will allow abortion for any reason up until five and half months and, up until birth with the agreement of two doctors. Further, doctors who object to abortion will be forced to violate their conscience and immediately refer a woman to another practitioner to perform the procedure.

The Orthodox Christian Faith and Tradition unequivocally teach that life begins at conception, that the life of the unborn is sacred and infinitely valued by God, and therefore must be considered with the same dignity and worth we enjoy ourselves.

Tragically, the right to life of the indefensible unborn child is increasingly violated despite the protection and advancement of many other human rights.

Along with other Church leaders I have already written to our Premier of New South Wales urgently requesting her to allow time for proper public consultation before this Bill is presented for debate.

We also personally beseech the honourable Members of Parliament to express their opposition to the Bill and support vulnerable pregnant mothers by offering other alternatives to abortion.

We humbly and urgently request every member of the Church and every responsible person that cherishes the sanctity of life, ask their local state Member of Parliament to oppose this draconian Bill. It is their sacred duty.

With fervent prayers to the Lord
Archbishop MAKARIOS
Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church of Australia

You can read the full Statement here.

Article supplied with thanks to Annette Spurr.

About the Author: Archbishop Makarios speaks from his experience as a Bioethicist and Theologian.

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