A Hero In Media—Guia’s Story

By: yesHeis

Guia Gonzales is a content producer based in Manila. Through her ministry of storytelling, Guia sparks revival in the lives of others by proclaiming the good news of Jesus through media while raising up other Christian creatives in the process.

In her 10+ years within the industry, Guia has produced full-length feature films, cross-cultural content, and various other media for ministries such as yesHEis, CCF, YWAM, and CRU.

With a unique ability to see the world as one full of stories waiting to be discovered and shared, Guia also recognises the great opportunities that exist to share Jesus’ story too. This gives her great joy and purpose.

Although Guia’s career in media has not been one without challenges, each obstacle has allowed her to grow in her relationship with God and His vision for her life.

Guia embraces her work while extending opportunities to other young Filipino creatives along the way.

Over the course of her professional life, Guia has witnessed many young creatives struggle with finding identity and purpose in their work. She recognises when someone feels alone and misunderstood, wanting to participate in God’s mission, but not knowing where to start or what path to take. So Guia chooses to intentionally journey alongside them for a season, sharing how God has redeemed her own struggles and experiences in media. Eventually, Guia will witness revival in that person’s life as they discover truth and transformation in Jesus and His plan for them.

As Guia continues to submit herself to God’s plans, her commitment to make Christ known and to raise up others for the mission increases.

Despite the fact that Guia is a hero in a lot of people’s eyes, she humbly points to Jesus and His grace as the source of her strength. She serves as a great example of what a life surrendered to God’s will can look like and can inspire us in the importance of remaining open and available to be used by God for His glory.

If you’re eager to spark revival in the lives of others, ask God what His wider purpose might be for you in your place of work or learning. Are there others you can journey alongside or raise up in the process?

Article supplied with thanks to The Journey by yesHEis.

About the Author: yesHEis provides various resources to help share your faith in relatable ways.

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