Use Your Influence to Spark Revival — Brian’s Story

By: yesHeis

Entertainer and social media influencer, Brian Liu, first experienced Jesus at age 12 while attending a conservative church in New York. Now based in Beijing, Brian works to influence his city not only through his career in the world of fashion and lifestyle but also with the positivity and joy he has found in Jesus.

As a professional MC, model, actor and party host, Brian is surrounded by people who are not connected to Jesus. He is determined to be a light in his world despite the many temptations and struggles that abound in the creative industries.

Brian is determined not to compromise his values just to “get a leg up” in his career; choosing every day to trust in the purpose he knows God has given him in the entertainment industry.

Motivated by 1 Corinthians 13, Brian actively practices love, patience, and kindness within his various workplaces—a stark contrast to the jealousy, boasting, and pride often found as an undercurrent in these spaces.

“These qualities are difficult to achieve, humanly speaking. But there is somebody more powerful than me, more loving than me, that has already set the example. That person is Jesus.”—Brian

The way Brian chooses to live stems out of a strong belief that if we as Christians want to be the change, then we personally need to be changed.

When we come to terms with the fact that our core purpose, no matter what industry we are in, is to be in relationship with Jesus and to live in a way that invites others to experience the same, our “why” behind our “what” becomes clearer.

Like Brian, our gifts and talents are not just skills that we’ve just happened to develop by our own efforts over time. Instead, they are part of a wider plan devised by God to help reconcile our world to Jesus.

“A lot of us want to make an impact. We just need to ensure that we are constantly in touch with God and who He has created us to be.”

To use your influence in a way that sparks revival in your world, begin by thanking God for the gifts and talents he has already planted within you. Then, surrender them to Him, and ask Him to use them for His glory.

Opportunities to step out and use your gifts already exist in everyday moments. Start by looking out for them, and then choose to courageously step out.

Article supplied with thanks to The Journey by yesHEis.

About the Author: yesHEis provides various resources to help share your faith in relatable ways.

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