Look for the Lie

By: Jennie Scott

I wish I could remember where I first heard it, this truth that’s been rocking my world.

I don’t know if it was on a podcast or in a book, on my TV or from my friend’s mouth. All I know is that I somehow jotted it down as a note in my phone, and I’ve been looking at it ever since.

Look for the lie.

Why haven’t I always done this? To have it spelled out like that makes it look like the most obvious thing to do. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, identify the lie that says you have to do everything well and all at once. When you’re feeling like a terrible mother, look at the lie that says feeding your kids fast food will ruin their health forever. When you become convinced you’ll never succeed in your career, see the lie that says one bad day means a bad forever.

Look for the lie.

Because when you do, you’ll begin to see lies everywhere. And here’s why — Satan is the prince of this world, and his native language is lies. He naturally spews untruths, and since this is his dominion, his lies are this world’s language.

Look for the lie.

You think, “I’m ugly,” and the lie is that your outer shell is what matters most.

You hear, “You’re not good enough,” and the lie is that your identity is your performance.

You believe, “I’m the only one who feels this way,” and the lie is that you are an anomaly in this world.

Do you see how the lies begin to lose their power when you call them what they are?

Here’s what I know to be true after all these years of struggle: every wrong belief I’ve internalized is a lie contrary to what my Creator says. The lies I’ve accepted as my truth are evidence of my continuing need for Christ. And what’s more, they are evidence of my need to repent. My believing lies over truth is sin, plain and simple.

Like the demon-possessed child’s father, I cry, “I believe; help my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24).

Look for the lie.

Today, in this moment, my eyes are searching high and low. My ears are straining with discernment. My spirit is alert to subtle whispers.

The lies will come, but they will not be allowed to stay.

Look for the lie.

Article supplied with thanks to Jennie Scott.

About the Author: Jennie is married with two children who shares lessons from her own unexpected journeys and encouragement you might need for yours.

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