The God Life and How to Live it

By: Tania Harris

You don’t need to be a Christian to live a good life. Plenty of my friends live a great life without God. They are well educated, hold successful jobs and live in beautiful homes. For the most part they enjoy happy, contented lives – even with a few bumps along the way.

In our Western world, it’s not difficult to lived a good life. There are common sense decisions we can make, self-help books to read and plenty of resources at our disposal. In the Western parts of the world, we are blessed with opportunity and prosperity. Even with a bad start, you can turn things around if you make good choices and work hard.

But God has a very different life for those who choose to follow him. It’s a good life, but it’s more than good. The ‘God life’ is not an ordinary life because it involves walking with a supernatural God.

The God life involves walking with a supernatural God. It involves living with an expectation of the supernatural intervention of God working through our circumstances. That means our lives will look different. We will make illogical decisions in the face of impossible circumstances. We’ll take risks when there’s not enough resources. We’ll step out into areas of fear just because he told us too. And when we do, we see the miracle working power of God.

But the God life also involves our natural selves. Our contribution comes through giving all of our gifts and talents, using all of our resources and working hard to use our creativity and intelligence. We live as full partners in the in the process and when we do, we’ll realise the full potential of who we were made to be.

Many people get confused over this dynamic. They either become passive and expect God to do all the work for them, or they become reliant on themselves and never follow the leading of the Spirit . But the God life is a partnership not a dictatorship. It’s not 50:50 relationship – it’s 100:100. All of ourselves and all of God. This is the kind of life God has called each one of us to live. Christianity is not a crutch for broken people to walk with – first God heals our legs, then he gives us wings to fly.

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About the Author: Tania Harris is a pastor, speaker, author and the founder of God Conversations.

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