Inappropriate Moments to Sing Jesus Culture

By: Duncan Robinson

First off it’s important to say I’m a huge fan of Jesus Culture. I find myself regularly singing No Longer Slaves, Holy Spirit and their cover of Will Reagan’s Set a Fire.

All utterly fantastic songs but yesterday as I got out of a public elevator singing “You unravel me, with a melody, you surround me with a song”, people were looking at me strangely and I wondered how many people thought that I was mesmerized by the soothing pan-pipe music that was playing in the elevator.

Later that day I was using a public restroom. As I stood in the stall I was humming along to Holy Spirit, “…you are welcome here, come flood this place and fill the atmosphere.” I heard the stall next to me quickly flush and the gentleman rapidly exit.

Finally, standing in line at the airport I started singing “…there’s no place I’d rather be…”. To the bemusement of the people around me, they couldn’t grasp how happy I was to be standing in line at the airport. This later caused major drama when I was approached by security talking about “setting a fire in my heart”, and found myself in a small booth for a not-so-random TSA check.

Needless to say that there are moments when even the best Jesus Culture songs are totally inappropriate. Most likely true for a bunch of other worship songs. Anyone else had that experience?

Article supplied with thanks to Duncan Robinson.

About the Author: Duncan Robinson is a radio host, pastor, husband and father of two.

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