Real Rest


By: Susan Browning

There is this narrative in our conversations, I know you’ve heard it, in fact you probably know it all too well: we simply can’t find time to be still. We look forward to the holidays we work so hard to take, we’re too busy to have time to ourselves, we’re onto the next thing before this thing has begun, we’re living in our future ideal. Continue reading “Real Rest”

7 Tips to Help You Have a Stress-Free Christmas

By: Kim Wilkinson

Christmas is a time of year to celebrate, and be grateful. It’s a time to think upon the year that has been, and the one that is yet to come. 

More often than not, we end up filling our days in crowded car parks and shopping centres, working long hours on end of year projects, and overbooking our social calendars in an attempt to find some enjoyment amongst the chaos. Continue reading “7 Tips to Help You Have a Stress-Free Christmas”

Jesus Is Coming… Look Busy


By: Rodney Olsen

You’ve had the same conversation a thousand times. You meet up with someone who asks how you’ve been and you answer by telling them … ‘busy’.

Their question isn’t about your level of activity, it’s about your personal wellness, yet you still feel the need to assure them that you’ve been a productive member of society. I know this because I get caught up in it too. Continue reading “Jesus Is Coming… Look Busy”