‘A Lasting Tale’ Helps Families to Capture Our Elders Memories

Senior Woman wearing a wedding band

By: Laura Bennett

These days we are inundated with pictures of our everyday lives. Sure, our social media may only capture the highlights, but as you scroll back through your phone’s camera roll, most of us would have a fairly good diary of key millstones, family events, and the many times our cat looked cute while sleeping.
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The ‘Gift’ of COVID

phot of a young family going for a walk

By: Robert Garrett

I was recently talking to the Head of Human Resources for a large organisation about their corporate strategy. During our chat she said something that caught my attention, “to be honest, COVID has been a gift”. It was an odd phrase in light of the current state of the planet – over 315,000 deaths globally (at the time of writing) and a significant rise in unemployment and financial devastation. Continue reading “The ‘Gift’ of COVID”