Darryl Strawberry: Just Say Yes To Jesus

By: David Maegraith

The Southern California (SoCal) Harvest crusade saw 8,670 people give their lives to Christ over the three-night event held over the last weekend of August, 2019.

Greg Laurie, senior pastor of the Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, said it was an amazing experience with more than 100,000 people total attending the crusade held in Angel Stadium in Anaheim.

On the final evening of the crusade, Pastor Greg Laurie interviewed MLB All-Star and World Series Champion Darryl Strawberry, who shared about his upbringing in a home with an alcoholic father, successful baseball career and struggles with substance abuse and addiction.

At the lowest points in his life, Strawberry was sentenced to time in jail and sent to rehab, but upon being released, he met his wife Tracy who helped him find faith in Jesus.

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Watch Darryl Strawberry – Career Highlights

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About the Author: David Maegraith is co-founder of Eternity newspaper and currently works in radio as engagement manager.

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