Gifts for the Children at the Good News Children’s Care Centre

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

On a recent trip to India, Eliezer Gonzalez and friends of GNU were able to visit the Good News Children’s Care Centre in the village of Nandiwada. The children put on a programme for the visit and they were also given gifts.

The Good News Children’s Care Centre started several years ago in a rented one room building with one teacher. It was there for “untouchable” children, to teach them school studies and about Jesus. They were also given food, as some of them were so poor they had to catch rats and snakes for something to eat.

Now the centre has grown to have several teachers, over fifty children, and its own building. Many families has have come to know Jesus by seeing the kindness shown to their children.

This was another way they experienced the love of God

Eliezer Gonzalez, and friends, were able to see different aspects of Pr Joseph’s ministry in the villages. As part of this they visited the Good News Children’s Care Centre. Here the children put on a programme that they had prepared for the visit. It involved dance routines to Christian Bollywood-style music. They were happy dancing to songs about God’s love.

During the visit, gifts were given to the children. On the way to India, Eliezer Gonzalez, and Tony Blank, one of the friends of GNU, met Rachel Ong, Chief Stewardess on their Singapore Airlines flight, who had recently became a Christian and was passionate about Jesus and the Gospel. When she heard about the poor children they would be visiting, she and the cabin crew brought gifts for them from whatever they had on board. These included things such as pens, pencils, soft toys, and writing pads.

The children were very happy to receive the gifts. This was another way they experienced the love of God – through people caring about them and sending them gifts from another part of the world.

Article supplied with thanks to Dr Eliezer Gonzalez.

About the Author: Dr Eli Gonzalez is the Senior Pastor of Good News Unlimited and the presenter of the Unlimited radio spots, and The Big Question.

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