A Human Right or a Privilege?

By: Freedom for Faith

Tom Wappel, a retired Canadian parliamentarian, says he is particularly concerned about how the same-sex marriage has morphed from a call for tolerance of different positions to a forced acceptance of one position.

Tolerance isn’t good enough

“Initially the debate was, ‘We have to be tolerant of other people,'” he says. “We’ll put this in and this will protect people from discrimination.”

However Mr Wappel says those in favour of same-sex marriage in Canada promoted an increasingly aggressive agenda.

“From tolerance it went to, ‘Tolerance is not good enough. Now we have to accept it, everyone has to accept it,'” he says.

Soon, those who were questioning the consequences of changing the law were being viewed in a far more negative light.

“From ‘acceptance’ it’s gone to ‘intolerance if you don’t accept it’ – and that is very troubling.”

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